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Sunday, September 9, 2012


I've just finished my latest kit!  I called it "Cool Summer Yellows" and you may purchase it HERE or HERE (as well as any of my other scrapkits).   This kit was inspired by the colors of summer.  Let me explain.... =)
I was riding in the car with my husband one day a couple of weeks ago and we went by 3 or 4 open fields and the most prominent flowers I saw were yellow.  All shades of yellow.  All shapes and sizes of yellow.  From the dainty pale lemon ground cover type flowers to the sturdy, still growing, tall Sunflowers.  It was deep in the middle of summer and there they were.  It was then I realized I'd always loved this time of year.  That cloudless, deep blue sky.  Nothing to mar the azure blue canvas above the world..  Then the yellow flowers and greenery as far as the eye could see.  It was really a beautiful sight and one I've loved each and every summer I've lived.  I hope to enjoy quite a few more before my ticket is called.  I hope you enjoy my rendition of that time of summer, when days are endless and nights are filled with stars and fireflies.


This kit contains: 
95 Elements in PNG format with NO shadows and NO repeats
as well as 9 Papers in JPG format


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