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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Where to start!!!!

So many things have been going on it's hard to keep track!!  But the good stuff... wait.. no... the REALLY good stuff is 2 friends and I have opened our own scrap store!!  It's called "Thrifty Scraps".  We refer to ourselves as the "Dollar Tree of Scrap Stores".  Why?  Well you'll not find anything over $2 ever!  Yeah!!! In these economic times we wanted a way to help new designers and taggers be able to afford new stuff without breaking their piggy banks or worse, just doing without!

So drop by and see the new digs. We are still slightly under construction, so watch those saw horses, electrical tools and you'll be issued a hardhat when you arrive!  I do you hope you'll like the new store and the new prices.  Fill up those harddrives with all new stuff!!

Watch this space for more updates and news!!  

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